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"Having the opportunity to study at a Regional University such as the University of the South Pacific gave me a good foundation to experiences what regionalism truly is opening up doors to many more opportunities. It provided me the opportunity to pitch my mind against some of the best in the region and also to glean from expert academics who are revered in their fields of expertise.  It taught me lifelong lessons of friendship, hardship, struggle, joy, fun and the occasional cheekiness. To graduate from the University of the South Pacific is one of the great milestones of my life". ~ Anitelu St John (Fiji]) PGD Social Policy and Public Administration, 2012

"USP isn’t just classrooms, it’s a community. When I joined the university, I joined a community of diverse students and faculty sharing a unique experience.  I had the opportunity to interact with people from all walks of life, from different ethnic backgrounds and from different parts of the world, especially from the Pacific regions.

USP transformed me from a fresh high school graduate into a learned matured adult. It opened new doors to further education and helped me upgrade my qualification.  To finally end up working as an academic staff of USP has been an ultimate dream come true. I hope my current dream of completing my studies towards a PHD will see light one day soon". ~ Kusum Praka (Fiji) PGC Education, 1998

"USP provided me with the knowledge and training required not only to further my personal career but to contribute positively to the development of the nation and the Pacific Region as a whole". ~ Samuela Matawalu (Fiji), PGD Real Estate, 2011

"My experience through USP Life was challenging, awesome and outstanding. The motto ‘slow but sure’ got me through". ~ Ulamila Cakaunitabua (Fiji) Bachelor of Arts, 2009

"Choosing to study at the University of the South Pacific is one of the best decisions I have made as a student, it is a University like no other which has taught me so much about the Pacific as well as the amazing people that live here.  The professors and campus administrators are helpful and the class sizes in my postgraduate program are nice and small and I‘ve enjoyed learning from my classmates, who come from countries all over the Pacific. I would highly recommend USP to anyone who wants to have a truly rewarding experience." ~ Vinau T. Savu (Fiji), MBA Graduate 2013 

"I entered USP in 2006 eager to learn the disciplines of business and to understand the importance of the integration of business and science. Graduated in April 2009 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Science - Biology Emphasis. “What I enjoyed most about the BSC-ES program was the experiential learning — the chance to have hands-on labs outside and the many field trips all over the county. The interdisciplinary nature of the program helped me understand both the science and the regulatory framework surrounding how we manage our natural resources.” My lecturers were great and I would personally thank them for their hard work in helping me to be a successful graduate. Moreover, completing this program has given me confidence, drive, and self-discipline heretofore unanticipated." ~ Pearl Sharma Roy (Fiji), Bachelor of Science Graduate, 2009

“USP has groomed me with the right techniques, knowledge and skills to become what I am today. It has also helped me to mature as a person and to acquire leadership skills to work in any environment with confidence.”  ~Adi Kuini Rabo ‘12 (Fiji Islands)

“USP is not only a regional academic institution but also a place where the Pacific family gathers in pursuit of excellence, knowledge and skills for the betterment of the region as a whole. It is very enjoyable to be part of an institution that provides the opportunity for the Pacific people to excel both as scholars and as an academic staff of the University. USP ensures academic advancement and also provide an avenue for social interaction and friendship among the members of the Pacific family… One of the greatest achievements any USP graduate can stand proud of is having the opportunity to learn from some of the regions’ top academics and achieving a qualification that enhances your productivity and creativity.”  ~Andrew Nihopara ‘09 (Solomon Islands)

“My training at USP was truly symbolic in preparing and equipping me well to my career in Government. …It is the entire package that came with the training that built my confidence, skills and knowledge, perseverance and life-long learning.”  ~Akka Rimon ‘04 (Kiribati)

“Another part of being a student at USP that is quite memorable is getting to know, hang out with our brothers and sisters from the neighboring island nations. Before going to USP I had no idea the unity we have, and how special it is, for where we are located in the globe, compared to other continents of the world.”  ~Christelle Janine Lihoreau ‘09 (Fiji Islands)

"Bula vinaka USP Alumni and Colleges. Undoubtedly, USP provides great leaders of the Pacific. Studied in 2007, and ever since never regretted time spend with Colleagues, Lecturers, and Professors at USP MBA Statham Mini Campus. If ever given another lifetime back to school, would send my children to USP again and again. Vinaka vakalevu USP." ~Tomwa Tehumu ‘07 (Kiribati)

“USP has helped me in many ways such as to become a team player, think critically, have a positive mind, and to become a good citizen of my country. USP also trained me so that I can fit in any work environment with confidence.”  ~Dennis Sen ‘12 (Fiji Islands)

“With all the technological, infrastructural and human resource enhancements for its students, USP is bound to be producing a work force of quality graduates that will bring about sustainable and forward looking changes for the developing states in the Pacific region.”  ~Iresh Lal ‘05 (Fiji Islands)

“USP exposed me and opened doors to my career after I completed my undergraduate study. I realized during my working career that what was taught at USP (theoretically) were concepts necessary and useful to the needs and development plans of my home country. I was able to utilize the skills and knowledge taught throughout my course where applicable and necessary.”  ~ Mareta Taua Kaiteie ‘07 (Kiribati)

“The lecturers, tutors and visiting teachers were all so passionate about what they were teaching us and the University always sourced the best of the lecturers! Many of our law lecturers have their own text books, which we referred to and this was such an honor, that is, to be taught by them. Another aspect I enjoyed greatly was getting to know so many students from different countries, cultures and backgrounds. The University truly does advocate for multiculturalism and breaks barriers in our plural society!”  ~Jaynen Mangal ‘10 (Fiji Islands)

“Experience at USP is a memorial one as I have learned a lot and met different types of students of different back grounds, cultures and religions. Learning other countries languages and cultures increase my knowledge of Pacific Countries identity.”  ~ Michael John Mangawai ‘88 (Vanuatu)

“USP prepared me well for the corporate world and instilled values in me that not only enhanced my education, but also aided my mental maturity.”  ~Jenies Mudaliar ‘09 (Fiji Islands)

“Firstly, USP helped me in developing critical thinking skills which assisted me in making fair/subjective judgments. Secondly, I have learnt the importance of time management and USP provided better learning resources that enabled me to achieve my goals.”  ~Jowana Kaloucava ’10 (Fiji Islands)

“The positive and vibrant learning environment, the high quality of staff (and I mean from the lecturers right down to the ladies that serve us tea in the cafeteria) and the programme and research relevant to Pacific people and education has tremendously supported me in my teaching career, something that I will be ever thankful for to USP!  ~Vivita Rabo ’06 (Fiji Islands – now in New Zealand)

“I had witnessed many available opportunities at USP and I would like to specifically mention that the region is very fortunate to have an institution of such standing that continuously strives to provide quality, relevant and sustainable education for its members.”   ~Ledua Vakaloloma ‘09 (Fiji Islands)

“I studied at USP in both the Sociology and Management areas between 1989 and 1991 graduating with a Bachelors Degree. This is one Uni which laid the foundation to my career so I highly recommend them.”  ~Krishna Kant Varma ‘91 (Australia)

“USP is a place where the teaching varies from academic, sports, cultural interaction, intrapersonal involvement and most importantly, for us reserved people – it enhances our participation to being with the crowd and overcome our fear of stage fright and silence just to mention a few.” ~ Mareta Taua Kaiteie ‘07 (Kiribati)

“USP has taught us the hard way and I appreciate that. As we were being taught, we were incorporated into the real situation of our Pacific Island countries. Nothing was fictitious. Therefore, at the end of the studies we fit in perfectly to tackle the issues out there in our various countries.” ~Liah Kaltoi ’12 (Vanuatu)

“USP has broadened my perspective and understanding about the region I live, work and share with other Pacific Islanders.”  ~Frances Brebner ’84 (Samoa)

“Without the training and qualifications obtained from USP, I would not be able to do the interesting things that I am currently doing. The challenges and encouragements given to me by my lecturers then helped me to strive for my goals in life.” ~Gordon Nanau ’97 (Solomon Islands)

“If it was not for the knowledge and stellar experience gained from USP, I would not be where I am today. I have enjoyed a lot of success in my career because I received a good education from USP. I have benefited a lot from my fine lecturers and the beautiful friends I had met during my time at USP.” ~Taumalaulu Filifilia Iosefa’98 (Samoa)

“My study at USP has prepared me to be a qualified leader which I cannot disagree with especially with the many opportunities available for me out there. With a span of just three years, I found myself marketable and changed careers without any problem.” ~Tomwa Tehumu ’08 (Kiribati)

“USP helped me to be proactive, use my time wisely and also speak with confidence.”  ~Gwen Ayong ’12 (Samoa)

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